Jan 14 2019

How to deal with Interview Questions that aren’t the norm

We all know the most common interview questions… What are your strength’s, where do you see yourself in 5 years, and of course behavioral interview questions such as “Describe a time X happened and how you dealt with it” but what more companies seem to do lately is throw a curve ball to put you on the spot.

I myself have experienced a question such as: “Would you rather play a video game or read a book”. My answer was a video game because it allowed me to move and navigate quickly and it was more exciting to me.” The hiring manager advised she loved the answer because in Logistics – everything is on-demand.

Questions such as ” What Superhero would you be?” or “What would your autobiography say about you?” or “If you won the lottery how would spend the money?” can completely catch you off guard but that’s okay. There is no real wrong answer so take it for what it is – a learning experience. The best advise I can give is to keep calm, take a quick moment to think on it, have fun and answer it as honestly as possible.

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