Jan 14 2019

It’s a Two-Way Street. You deserve the best!

I was talking to someone who got their hair cut today. She told me that the lady didn’t do at all what she had requested and cut off all her long hair. Immediately I felt mad for her terrible experience and asked her: “Did you tell her how you felt and did she do something to accommodate you?” at to which she replied “no, it’s okay. “I didn’t pay that much for the cut and I guess the hairdresser misunderstood me”. Here’s what really happened… She was too shy to stand up for herself and felt that because she had not paid top dollar it didn’t give her the right to be satisfied as a customer. She had been going to this lady for a long time and so she felt bad to bring anything up.

Whether you have long term business relationships, vendors, clients, are in a job or are just starting to apply you have the right to constantly interview and review the relationship. This can apply to your personal dealings as well. It’s a two-way street and both parties need to feel that way.

We often settle because we don’t want to cause someone else to feel bad or to be viewed as someone that is causing a disturbance. At the end of the day, you’re not teaching yourself or the others anything if you keep quiet. You need to speak up but of course in an appropriate and classy way. This not only shows that you know your own value but it also makes the other parties have to review their processes. I’ve seen large organizations promoting “Great Place to Work” but internally their staff felt awful causing a massive turn-over. 

If you have long term partnerships you should be asking your clients and customers if the service is still good and if there is anything that needs to be reviewed together. Your vendors should be reviewed as well. Get to know if there are any new changes and what their new goals are. If they aren’t changing for the better, why stay with them.

If you are getting into the interview stages? Make sure you do your research on who will be doing the hiring. Just remember, you are interviewing them as much as they are you. How they conduct themselves and their own research on you shows just how engaged they are. Hiring Managers tend to pick people like themselves so make sure you truly believe in their qualities and vision because at the end of the day – you will be reporting to them. 

If you just been appointed a new Leader? Make sure the same applies as new Leaders tend to hire people they trust and like. Pay attention to people’s track records. If they’ve come from a large organization that’s great but have they achieved excellence? How long between each role were they with the company? People don’t typically change too much (I read that in a great book called Principles) and so it’s important you are able to have a conversation to really get to know one another. Make sure you’re on the same page because if you’re not feeling supported, you will end up miserable and leave.

If you are doing the hiring this year? Just remember to keep open-minded. Your goal is to have long term employees which is not easy to do in our market with so many tempting roles available. Hire people that ask engaging questions related to the field, who have a passion to grow and be upfront and honest about the role and the company. The good and the bad. 

I know this is all tough but in the end, you’re going to feel so much happier knowing exactly where you stand and where you’re going.
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