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Meet Moe


Moe is a driven recruiter that holds over 4 years of experience providing recruitment and selection support to some of North America's largest (and smallest!) brands. With a passion for connecting with people and helping them reach their career goals, he started Bloom Recruitment with the intention of creating a comfortable environment where job seekers could come in and relax as they shared their true ambitions. After two and a half years of operating on his own, Moe teamed up with one of his earliest and most influential mentors, Roma, who shares the same vision of providing a more personalized and distinguished level of recruitment service to their community.

Meet Roma


Roma is considered a subject matter expert in recruitment within the supply chain management industry. Although her expertise falls within this industry, she has also serviced clients within the call centre, utility services and retail industry. Her extensive experience in working with some of the world’s most iconic brands has equipped her with the expertise required to successfully deliver on any type/size of recruitment projects and has led to many long- term National/International partnerships. She also sits on the board of the Canadian Material Handling Association and can regularly be found leading talks on recruitment strategy and current trends in the market. Roma is a driving force and figure in the recruitment industry and her passion towards supporting the growth of her community is unequalled.

Meet Vishal

Sr. Recruitment Consultant

For over four years, Vishal Prasad has been growing in the field of recruitment. He has provided staffing solutions for some of the world’s largest and most recognizable brands, as well as local businesses across the lower mainland. Starting out as a Junior Recruitment Consultant, Vishal quickly rose to a senior position, as Permanent Recruitment Specialist within his first year. Before recruitment, Vishal was formerly a Broadcast Journalist. His ability to conduct thoughtful and thorough interviews translated effectively as a Recruitment Consultant. By asking the important questions, and meticulously accessing the needs, goals, and motivations of his clients and candidates, Vishal continues to help progressive companies find their industry's top talent.

Where We Came From

Roma, Moe and Vishal all met 6 years ago while working at one of North America's largest recruitment agencies. The trio instantly clicked as their personalities, shared work ethic and dedication to do right by their clients and candidates all aligned. Fast forward a few years and after pursuing different opportunities, the three found themselves working together again, this time as strategic partners on national recruitment projects for some of the largest brands in the supply chain space. Roma and Moe had always envisioned a future working together and on August 15th in 2018, teamed up to make that vision come true. They have come a long way in the recruitment industry and have fun working together, sharing ideas, constantly growing and always striving to better serve their clients and candidates.


What We Value

  • Growth For Our Candidates, Clients & Ourselves
  • Flexibility & Agility In Our Service To You
  • Honest & Timely Communication At All Times
  • Foxy - Our Pomeranian Mascot

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